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The Fairview Learning reading program, designed specifically for students who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing, reflects years of collaboration among educators of the deaf and utilizes best practices. Fairview's unique program provides individuals the literacy tools to construct mental, linguistic frameworks. These frameworks, specific to each user, allow access and increasing fluency in English and ASL, and ease the movement between the two languages. The program can be seamlessly integrated into any existing reading program, and is both user-friendly and fun.

Like you, we at Fairview Learning have high expectations for achievement. That's why our system is research-based and provides assessment tools to ensure measurable success and accountability.

Fairview is for

  • • Parents who want to see their children develop good reading skills and succeed in school.
  • • Teachers who want resources developed specifically for their students who are deaf .
  • • Administrators who want an innovative reading program with accountability.
  • • Students who want to improve their reading levels quickly and significantly.
  • • Adults who want to jumpstart their reading skills quickly and efficiently.